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Reopening Information

First Day of School for All Students: August 3rd , 2022

ABLE Family:

I hope you are having a great summer. We have been very busy with preparing for an amazing 22-23 school year for your child! In order to support our customized learning, ABLE will continue to provide face to face, virtual, and hybrid classroom options. Though we have made great progress in preparing our building for the return of our 100% face to face learning option, our contractors need a little more time to complete all procedures. As a result, we will need to delay beginning our on campus opening for 2 weeks. Our new start date is August 17th, 2022. We typically spend approximately 2 to 3 weeks at the beginning of each school year reviewing previously learned information and laying a foundation for new information...particularly for building subjects such as math and English.

During our 2 week delay, our teachers will provide the students with review assignments to be completed at home. Our teachers will also be available on campus during this 2 week review period to provide students with assistance during designated times. Virtual assistance may also be scheduled.

We are introducing a new personalized learning program this year called Exact Path. This program provides our students with an Individualized Learning Plan based on their own academic strengths and weaknesses. It begins with a research based diagnostic that leads to the creation of mastery based online and offline assignments, as well as tailored resources for individual and small group instructions. The purpose of this program is to fill in any gaps that exist in math, reading, and English, and to continue growth in areas of strength. Exact Path also allows our teachers to create and assign important review lessons to our students. We will utilize this resource during the 2 week review period. All assignments will be graded for completion and accuracy. We will send out the login information and instructions in a separate e-mail.

**We have moved our offices to the first brick building on the right as you enter the parking lot. This building faces Highway 42. We are located on the top floor in Suite 190. If you need to contact our office in person, please come visit us in our new administration building. The building in the back that you are used to visiting will now be used for classrooms only. This is Bldg. 200.

For those who participate in the ELCA School of Fine Arts, their classes will begin on Aug. 3rd. They will be made aware of our delayed start date; however, feel free to begin these classes on Aug. 3rd if you would like to drop off and pick up your child during the times below:

Middle School
Band and Art- Drop off: 8:30

                         Pick up: 9:35

High School

Art and Guitar- Drop off: 8:30 Pick up: 9:35

Drama and Chorus- Drop off: 11:20 (renamed Stage Acting/Vocal Performance) Pick up: 12:25

Remember that students who attend ELCA’s School of Fine Arts must wear tan khaki pants and an ELCA shirt. Please visit our office if you do not have an ELCA shirt. We have purchased gently used ELCA shirts and will provide (1) to all students at no charge (new students only).

We are incredibly excited about the new school year and the great things we have planned to ensure that your child has a successful and engaging school year. We look forward to the return of some of our previous activities such as tribe competitions and SAFE (Spiritual Affirmations and Family Encouragement) morning time, as well as new offerings such as Individualized Learning Programs, a Specialized Math and Reading Support teacher, and a licensed psychologist who will offer Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback. We will continue to provide quality STEM based education, JROTC, College and Career classes, and Sports and Fine Arts through our partner schools.

We don’t expect further delays as we are making great progress. Please check your e- mails frequently for updates, new program descriptions, sign-up announcements, and other information. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

Have a blessed day!

Dr. Wanda Cowan

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