Reopening Information

First Day of School for All Students: August 17th

There will be many changes that will take place in our learning environments. Based on the start of teachers’ contracts, they usually have one week to plan and prepare for a typical new school year. Due to the atypical nature of this coming school year, our teachers will need more time to train and prepare for all of the COVID-19 related safety and academic changes that will take place.
We will also take this time to prepare our students and parents for the reopening option they selected.



100% Virtual Classroom (Option 2) from August 17th- August 28th.

We will not offer face to face learning during these 2 weeks.  Our teachers will teach all students remotely through our live virtual classroom. Please see Option 2 on our reopening plan for more details. During this time, we will also work with all parents to ensure they understand the functions and expectations of the virtual classroom as their child experiences this learning environment. This experience is necessary for all students for one or more of the following reasons:


1. You have chosen Option 2 as your child’s method of learning.


2. If your child is sick or absent for some reason, they may participate in the virtual classroom.


3. If mandates by governing authorities compel us to transition to the virtual option at any time during the school year, all students will be set up in the system and trained to use the virtual classroom.


Face to Face (Option 1) Available- August  31st
For those who wish to send their student(s) to the campus for face to face learning, this option will be available on August 31st. At that time, we will implement all of the safety guidelines listed under Option 1 of our reopening plan. We anticipate being better informed and equipped regarding best safety practices within a school setting.


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