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*2023-2024 Financial Agreement Contract

Middle/High School -  Grades 6th-12th

New Students: Application Fee -$240.00 (Non-refundable- Due in full at the time the application is returned)


New Students: Matriculation Fee- $550.00 (Non-refundable- Due in full at the time of acceptance- Covers various project materials, curriculum, Chromebook and various programs. This fee does not cover computer repairs. Parents are responsible for computer repairs and upkeep. Computers become the property of students. Please refer to the Technology Usage Agreement. 


Returning Students: 

Continuous Enrollment fee $350 (Consists of Re-enrollment fee plus Matriculation fee)

yearly due in/or around March of the current school year. 


Middle/High Grades 6th-12th


     *Yearly                                                                                    *  Monthly


     $8345                                                               Twelve Months (June-May)- $695.42





 *Students enrolling after July 31st will be on a ten-month payment schedule.




*see full Financial Agreement below

Learning Options

Full-time Classroom - 
100% In person learning-Face to Face

Virtual Classroom - 
100% Live Virtual learning-  

Hybrid Option-above options combined

100% online curriculum and online teachers. 
On campus teachers do not work with online students unless additional fees are paid for tutoring/student assistance.
Students must complete all assignments independently and completely.
Students may participate in on campus activities, extra-curricular activities, etc. unless restrictions are enforced.


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