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Our Vision

RAISE up Godly leaders who live a purpose driven life, and who are equipped Relationally, Academically, Individually and above all Spiritually, with Excellency.

ABLE Christian School serves diverse students in our community by providing a customized approach to education. Our unique approach aims to assist each student with maximizing their own potential and discovering God’s path for their lives. We believe that all students are unique; therefore, the most effective schools must abandon a “one size fits all” model. We are continuously expanding and improving our mission to Ascend to New Heights. Here are a few of the great ABLE attributes that set us apart:


  • Customized Learning Plans                           

  • Embedded supports to meet various needs                            

  • Teaching 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking)

  • STEM certified teachers

  • College and Career Readiness Program (in Partnership with Strategic 4 Life)

  • Tribes that foster spiritual growth and community

  • Christian JROTC Program

  • Sports program in partnership with other Christian schools 

Our Story

ABLE Christian School, located in Henry County, Georgia, is a Private Christian school providing a personalized, experiential learning program for the promising youth of this generation.  We are committed to assisting students who are struggling to succeed within a traditional classroom, with pursuing a life of purpose and maximized potential by utilizing their God-given abilities and passions.  


ABLE Christian School engages students by empowering them to personalize their education.  Students utilize their individual interests and passions to experience relevant learning beyond the restraints of the traditional classroom. Utilizing project based curriculum, active learning not only takes place at school, but within the local and online community as well.  We have the knowledge to create a flexible, individualized program that works. We are invested in our community's youth and work to ensure they all have the chance to maximize their success. 


Our Mission

The mission of ABLE is to provide students a Christ-centered STEM learning experience that maximizes individual potential and equips students to meet college and career expectations of the 21st century's global society, by enabling them to think critically, communicate effectively, engage creatively, collaborate skillfully, and live purposefully. 

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