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ABLE partners with New Creation Christian Academy and Community Christian School for

High School and Middle School sports

New Creation Christian Academy

The mission of NCCA’s athletics is to provide an atmosphere where student-athletes can develop their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual gifts through athletic competition.  NCCA athletics strives to be a catalyst in developing a lifestyle of character, integrity, discipline, work ethic and leadership in our student athletes.

NCCA offers a variety of middle school and high school athletic programs for student athletes.  Programs may vary, based on student participation.

Fall:  Cross Country, Football, Volleyball


Winter:  Basketball, Shotgun Sports


Spring:  Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis       


More information is available on NCCA's website HERE                         

Community Christian School

The goal of CCS is to develop strong moral character and strengthen Christian values through the pursuit of athletic excellence. Athletics are a prime opportunity for us to showcase the gifts and talents that the Lord has given. Through our sports teams, our student-athletes learn about leadership, teamwork, dedication, character, and discipline which will further shape them into the image of Jesus as we strive to equip the next generation of godly leaders.

Fall:  Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball

Winter:  Basketball, Swimming

Spring:  Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track and Field, Tennis

More information is available on CCS's website HERE

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