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Strategic4Life, Inc. is a personal growth and professional development company with offices in Georgia (USA), Cairo (Egypt), and Bangalore (India). We’re pleased to partner with organizations interested in developing their people and programs to reach their full potential.

With certified workshop facilitators, trainers, mentors, speakers, and coaches, we offer numerous topics in a variety of optimum venues including Learn@Lunch workshops, topical instructor led-classes, mastermind sessions, coaching, games and more.

Our facilitators span numerous industries including health, financial services, law enforcement, logistics and transportation, technology, and real estate.  Our professionals utilize their industry expertise, experience, humor and communication skills to deliver engaging effective transformation and learning services.

Lastly, Strategic4Life, Inc. provide education consulting services to assist in properly identifying, assessing, and scheduling appropriate knowledge transfer activities for our customers.

WHY Strategic4Life?

Many leaders, organizations, and individuals settle for less than they want, deserve, or desire.  Many don’t design, plan, or chart a path for their life, career, or other pursuits and live reactively rather than intentionally resulting in loss and regret. Even good intentions often get side-tracked, interrupted, or distracted and people often settle for less than they deserve.  Strategic living is intentional, planned, and purposeful living that matters. We believe You can live the biggest life possible, but that requires a strategic you. Achieve lifelong transformation by incorporating strategic habits into everything you do. Our ultimate outcomes are not the workshops, discussions, coaching sessions, or presentations and resources, but the transformation our customers experience while using them.

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Job Search Fundamentals: This workshop will assist in the development of your marketing plan, resume, cover letter, job interview questions, how to utilize social media, salary guide, things to do and not do on your resume, and questions to ask during your interview.


Technology Requirements for 2020: This series introduces you to the fundamentals and advanced features of Microsoft 365 including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint. A laptop is required to take full advantage of these workshops. If you are new to Office fundamentals, it is highly recommended that you bring a teenager to the workshop to assist.


Linked-In: More than 95% of all jobs are found by networking. What does your profile say about you? How do you look to a potential employer? How are you using social media to find employment, customers, and develop relationships? This workshop provides insights, tips, and tricks regarding Linked-In and how important it is to your success.


Achieve More by Doing Less: Everybody gets 168 hours a week, but it never feels like enough. Work gobbles up most of our times with professionals working as much as 70 hours a week, leaving less and less margin for rest, exercise, family, and friends. If we are not careful, we can trade what matters most for a task list that grows longer by the day.  This workshop reveals strategies to win at work, so you are free to succeed at the rest of your life, health, relationships, and more. Based on the popular book Free to Focus, by Michael Hyatt, we will discuss:

  • Redefine your work so it works for you

  • Filter your tasks and commitments

  • Cut out the non-essentials

  • Eliminate interruptions and distractions

  • Set boundaries that protect your focus and drive results


Influence & Persuasion Tactics: Influencing is a strategy of sharing power and relying on interpersonal skills to get others to cooperate towards common goals.  Influencing others is not luck or magic – its science. There are proven ways to help make you more successful as a salesman, office politician, or productive employee.  “People’s ability to understand the factors that affect their behavior is surprisingly poor,” Most people cannot explain why they made a decision.  Being able to identify the underlying factors that influence decisions means one also understands how to use them to get more positive responses.


SMART Responses to Life & Business Challenges: This workshop recommends tactics when dealing with a crisis, challenge, or significant event. Discussion includes:

  • electing who, what, when, and where we allow ourselves to be influenced

  • anaging our feelings and behavior about the event

  • Being mindful of our ttitude as we influence others by our attitude and behavior

  • Conducting our ownesearch to ensure we keep the main thing the main thing

Tell ourselves and others the Truth regarding the matter


Discover Your Parenting Personality: Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and how to effectively raise children and communicate with your spouse and others. Gain incredible insight into yourself and others regarding your life outlook, blind spots, responses under pressure, secret fears or dislikes, approach to tasks, and approach to other people. 


Conquering the Impulse to Over-React: Those who are at the mercy of impulse – who lack self-control – suffer a moral deficiency. The ability to control impulse is the base of will and character. This workshop will discuss the basics of Emotional Intelligence AND review the Hammer Principle. The important question to ask regarding the Hammer Principle is, do I overreact to things (small things) in a relationship? Like most people, we like to be right, and we often think we are right. The facts and data make sense to us, the feelings are forefront in our mind, and our decisions, talking points, and opinions seem to be correct. Why wouldn’t we be right? It makes sense to us. Having the right attitude can be more important than having the right answers. Consider a softened approach, listening more, and stop making a big deal out of little things.


Handling Criticism: One of the prices of parenting and leadership is criticism. When spectators watch a race, where do they focus their attention? On the front runners! Few people pay close attention to the racers who are out of contention. Racers who are viewed as being out of the running are often ignored or dismissed. But when you are out front and ahead of the crowd, everything you do attracts attention. How do you handle criticism? Not everyone handles criticism the same way. Some try to ignore it. Some try to defend themselves against it. Others use a witty remark to put a critic in his place. But no matter what, if you are a leader, you will have to deal with criticism.


Managing Conflict: Conflict is inevitable in any environment.  Incongruent requirements, competition for resources, breakdowns in communications, and many other factors could become sources of conflict.  Parents must be able to identify the root causes for conflict and then actively manage the conflict thus minimizing potential negative impacts.  The parent is then able to deliver better solutions and increase the probability of success.  Parents and teens must develop the skills and experience necessary to effectively adapt their personal conflict management style to the situation.  Managing conflict in any environment involves building the trust necessary for all involved parties to be open and honest, and to engage in seeking a positive resolution to the situation creating the conflict.  Managing conflict is one of the biggest challenges a parent face.  It draws upon all the other interpersonal skills of a parent to lead to a successful resolution of the situation in conflict.

Character Still Counts – Defining What Matters Most: This workshop addresses the fundamentals of moral Values and describes character and its virtues. A must for every home, this workshop encourages discussion of the relevancy of integrity, honesty, humiliation, loyalty, respect, authenticity, courage, self-control, forgiveness, and faithfulness.  Consider:

  • In the absence of good support systems, external stresses have become so great that even strong families are falling apart.

  • The hectic and inconsistency of daily life make families vulnerable to disruptive forces and devastating effects of divorce, poverty, and unemployment.

  • The status of American children and families is as desperate as ever…and we may be depriving children of their competence and moral character.

  • In the absence of moral character being displayed in homes or in society, how will teens understand and know what Christian values are OR how to grow into responsible adults, husbands, wives, parents, and workers?

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global training

Personal Growth & Professional Development

You can download the syllasbus below

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Customer Reviews

“…the sessions were really interesting with interactive communication and real-life stories included…” 

“…the training was very informative, very well presented, plus very enjoyable…” 

“…I have already started to use some of the strategies with my clients…they seem to be working fine…”

"…the topics were very beneficial…and a great instructor…"

"…the training topics were very relevant and important to my job…"

"…one of the most beneficial and interactive training that I have participated in…" 

"…the trainer had conviction, not like the other trainers that just share information…"

 “…professional development was my favorite as we often get distracted by life…” 

“…setting a strategic plan in place is so important… remembering what we really want to achieve in our personal and professional life (including our strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses) is the key to success…”

"…was very insightful, helps to identify the points we need to work on…"

“…I like having a mentoring and coaching program to focus on developing my skills (not linked to performance appraisals) …”

“…the training on Professional/Personal Development was one of the best thought-provoking training experiences. It has helped me realize some of my areas of improvement, will help me to plan for professional/person growth, strategize on the way of performing my work and day to day activities…” 

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